Carvings Jewellery Gallery


Baffin Island is home to an astonishingly large number of talented Inuit artists and the hamlet of Kimmirut has fostered an impressive, world-renowned arts community with a history spanning almost a century.

Prior to settling in communities the Inuit were nomadic so those living in Kimmirut often have close relatives living in other communities such as Cape Dorset, Iqaluit, Pangnirtung and Northern Quebec.

Stone carving dominates what is produced in Kimmirut, and unlike many other communities in Nunavut, there is an abundance of stone here to work with. The hardness of the local stone strongly affects regional styles.

There is a tradition in the community of scrimshaw etchings done on walrus ivory and more recently there has been a surge in jewellery-making spurred on partially by the discovery of semi-precious stones in the Kimmirut area.

Visitors to Kimmirut can visit the Soper House Gallery to view and purchase carvings, jewellery, some examples of fabric arts and cards (see the GALLERY link for more information). The Kimik Co-op may have some carvings for sale and visitors may also buy directly from artists.