Carvings Jewellery Gallery


The Quliruakut Arts & Crafts Society runs the Soper House Gallery, located in the historic Soper House.

Dewey Soper, a northern biologist, Arctic explorer and artist, built the quaint wooden home, now the gallery, located immediately beside the Katannilik Visitors’ Centre in 1930. Home to a nursing station after the Soper family left, the gallery is now the only place in Nunavut where visitors can see examples of Soper’s watercolours. The majority of his works were donated to the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary. For more information please refer to the Arctic Institute of North America’s Web site at

Before The Soper House Gallery was established with the Quliruakut Arts and Crafts Society purchasing work from local artists, there were only three outlets for them to sell their work – the Kimik Co-op, the Northern and individual carvers selling “door to door”. Now artists have an opportunity to both display and sell their work in a permanent setting to an interested audience.

The charming, rustic gallery space showcases local carvings, jewellery made with local stones, untanned sealskin gauntlets, beadwork, books, block-mounted postcards, uluit (traditional woman's knife), and jelly made locally with available berries.

The gallery is open most Saturdays throughout the year and can be opened any time by contacting the Community Economic Development Officer at 867-939-2247. Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted and work can be shipped upon request.

Check back to see the web gallery on this site presently in the process of being set up.